Tiny Ghost (Bubblegum & Sugar + Chocolate Truffle) SET

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Set of 2:

Bubblegum & Sugar is our homage to our favorite Little League chewable! A substance banned by many a schoolteacher! A bubble-blowing, hair-sticking, lip-smacking glob of vibrant pink deliciousness! But, seriously, do not try to chew this vinyl. It’ll only taste like vinyl. And while amazing to look at and hold in your hands, vinyl tastes terrible.

5" vinyl figure

Limited edition of 300


Aaahhhh, the mysterious chocolate truffle. How they tease us with their mystery fillings, nestled into their crinkling plastic trays. Will it be caramel? Nougat? Maple cream? Well, we can tell you what’s inside the Chocolate Truffle 5” Tiny Ghost... air. That’s pretty much it. Just air. And maybe some love. Trust us on that and don’t bite into it.

5" vinyl figure

Limited edition of 150

Estimated to ship in 3-4 weeks 

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